Nona Mae Armour-Jackson

Nona Mae Armour-Jackson

September 22, 1939 - May 8, 2013

On this day, May 8, 2013, I, Nona Mae Armour-Jackson, shed this old tent of clay and crossed that Great Gulf into eternal life with my beloved Lord. Oh, the wonderful sights I am beholding! There are my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the messiah; my Father, the Creator, God of Abraham and all mankind; and the Holy Ghost, my Comforter and Teacher. They met me at the Golden Gate and bade me enter with, “Welcome Home My Child.”
Now I am at a reunion with all my Christian Brothers and sisters. And—And—Look! There are all my pets: Brownie, Tinker, Candy, Blew Boy, Sassy and on the list goes.
I was born in Grayson County, Texas on September 22, 1939, the eldest grandchild of Percy and Mintoria Armour and eldest child of Thomas James and Novella Armour.
The Cotton Mill Community of Golden Rule Independent School District was my place of residence from my birth until my marriage in 1966. It was there I attended grade school, first through eighth grades; 1946 to 1954. After high school graduation in 1958, I obtained a diploma in Fashion Illustration in 1963. Throughout my formal education I was an honor student, often earning top of class recognition.
On April 16, 1966, I married the love of my life; my soul-mate; my “Split-Apart,” R.L. Jackson, Jr. in Grayson County, Texas.
One born to taste all of life, my hobbies, to name a few were, woodworking, Native American lore enthusiast which included bead and leather work, Indian Dances for which I made an elaborate dance costume and collecting numerous artifacts. As an aspiring artist, I especially enjoyed working in the mediums of water-color, pen and ink, charcoals, pastels, wash and guache and pencil.
I was an avid equestrian. Other hobbies were antique collecting and restoration, fishing , trot lining, camping, swimming, canoeing, power boating and slalom water skiing. Through at that time I was five feet tall and weighed 88 lbs. “soaking wet”, I could send a spray over ten feet high with my custom Maharajah ski. Other hobbies were archery, hand gun and rifle target practice, motorcycle and dirt bike riding, custom cars and video and CD collecting..
As an amateur musician: I wrote several songs, played the guitar, acustic and electric; harp, harmonica, digeradoo, wooden spoons, zither, flute, tambourine and kabasa.
My favorite past-time was walking and talking with my Lord, studying His Holy Word, and discussing Him and His Holiness and intecessory prayer.
In addition, I was an avid genealogist. I traced and proved mine and my husband’s lineage all the way to God. After twenty (20) years of research I wrote genealogical, historical, and theological books which earned the undisputable honor of having my biography published in many books of prestige worldwide including “Marquis Who’s Who” (1998-2009), such as “Who’s Who” in the ” South and Southwest”, ” American Women”, “America” and “The World”. I was nominated as “An International Personality of the Year”, “Woman of the World”, and “Intellectual of the World” by the International Biographical Center of Cambridge, among many others too numerous to list here.
My professions have been many within the garment industry ranging from machine operator, bundle girl, department supervisor, assistant plant manager, fashion designer and artist.
At the age of three, I received Jesus Christ’s Saving Grace and was bestowed the gifts of prophetic visions and dreams and discerment. I was baptized into the United Pentecostal faith at the age of twelve; baptized into the Church of Christ faith at the age of twenty-one and baptized into the Baptist faith at the age of twenty-three. On September 3, 1977 I was baptized with the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
As the previous notation observes, I was a “bona-fide” member (according to man’s records) of numerous denomintations, always seeking, looking for MORE of my God. Listed among those “man-made” denominationss are United Pentecostal, Baptist, Church of Christ, Full Gospel and Non-Denominational. Within those man-made fenced boundaries I held positions ranging from janitor, teacher, receptionist, youth elder and pastor, church secretary-treasurer, Sunday School teacher, secretary and youth director, choir member, Women’s Ministry Director and associate pastor.
Mediocrity was never an option for me, therefore, I worked until I excelled in any given occupation, hobby or challenge which God placed during my walk on this earth. Thus were awards, certficates of honor, trophies, promotions and other honorable recognitions throughout my life from a youth to an old grey-haired woman.
To this day, I tell you…No matter the denomination on whose rolls my name appeared on this old earth…No matter the worldy positions, honors and organizations I have known, accomplished, owned or joined..No matter the “good” works or “lack” of works…These HAVE NOT saved my soul nor sanctified me…NO! They can not and and have not!!
My name appears on the pages of the Great Book of Life because I confessed my sinful state and believed in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, Who is the only Begotten Son of God; crucified on the cross for my sins and is now risen and stands at the right hand of our Father God, the Great I Am.
Because of my confession…Because I believed with all my heart, body, mind and soul, I do now walk the Heavenly Streets of Gold with my Lord, Master and Teacher.
There is no other Name, no other God by which man is saved.
I have fought the good fight; I have run the good race. I’m “Home at Last!!”
The burial on my earthly body will be in Cherry Mound Cemetery of Grayson County, Texas.
I’m looking forward to meeting you at that Great Reunion when we shall “Stroll Over Heaven” forever.
En Agape
Mrs. Jackson was in the process of writing a book on Revelations.

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